South Asians (people from or with origins in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) comprise almost 20% of the Bay Area’s population and 60% of SJSU's international students. Yet these stories are rarely told.  

From artists to engineers, South Asians are making incredible contributions to Silicon Valley. The South Asians in Silicon Valley program's goal is to record the South Asian experience, share it with our Bay Area communities, preserve these rich histories for generations to come, and most importantly, give South Asians a sense of belonging at San José State University and beyond. 

In April and May 2024, project organizers will host an exhibit and symposium that will showcase the experiences and contributions of South Asians in the area. Artifacts selected by and collected from community members will demonstrate, teach and highlight their rich legacies. This will be the first ever platform at SJSU to welcome the South Asian community to discuss preservation of their legacies. 

In August 2024, the organizers will host a music program,‘Sounds of South Asia’, a half-day event that will invite local musicians from the seven countries to perform the musical traditions and instruments. Community members will be able to hear and learn about a wide range of sounds, melodies, and musical cultures.  

These two events are just the beginning of the South Asians in Silicon Valley Program, and our first steps towards a larger more permanent vision.

Your support is fundamental to the success of these programs. With your help, we can ensure funding to attract the best speakers and performers, purchase necessary exhibit materials, and offer refreshments to our guests to create a welcoming environment to come together and build community. 

If you want to share your story and/or get involved, contact us. Spread the word and help us with a donation. Through this program, we aim to fill the existing need to record the South Asian story of Silicon Valley, bring it to the Bay Area community, and position SJSU Library as a leader in documenting, preserving and sharing these important histories.

Mantra Roy
Collection Strategy Librarian
San José State University King Library
(408) 808-2039


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